ConCreates is a creative agency powered by currently and formerly incarcerated individuals.

We give these radical thinkers the chance to harness their creativity in a positive way by providing radical ideas to brands looking to break the mold.

In the process, we hope to shatter the stigma associated with the 1/3 of the U.S. population who have criminal histories, provide people with a second chance to be valuable members of society and reduce recidivism.


The ConCreates network is made up of a diverse range of thinkers that span geographies, socioeconomic groups, and ethnic backgrounds.

We provide honest revelations into people’s attitudes and behaviors that allow our clients to access hard-to-reach or nuanced audiences, identify insights or trends, and unlock business growth.


ConCreates excels at creating non-traditional ideas that break the mold and impact culture. We deliver PR-led, newsworthy activations, partnership ideas, and provocative film, print and digital concepts.

If you’re looking for something safe that scores green on a pre-test, then we’re probably not for you, but if you want something truly radical, we’ve got you.


We work directly with clients to set the strategy, develop radical ideas and execute them.


Working as an extension of an agency’s creative department, we contribute ideas that bring a fresh perspective to a brand or campaign.


436 behind bars, 319 on the outside and counting. This powerhouse creative team has nothing but time to think of the most unorthodox strategies and out-of-the-box ideas to take your brand’s business to the next level.

Additionally, each and every ConCreator is a member of the same demographics your company is trying to reach. This means they know your consumer because they are your consumer.

By working with us, these beautiful minds have the opportunity to pay back restitution, earn a living wage, take care of their families, and also become real contributors to society.


Vincent Bragg, Founder & CEO
Janeya Griffin, Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Strategist


Founder & CEO

After being sentenced to several years in prison, Vincent Bragg quickly learned that some of the most outside-of-the-box thinking happens inside the box. During his incarceration he watched as his fellow convicts were able to make something from nothing—books, music, entire meals—all created between four barren concrete walls. It was here Vincent realized the cells meant to imprison them for 23 hours a day were actually breeding grounds for creativity.

Throughout the rest of his sentence, Vincent naturally assumed a leadership role among his fellow inmates—a set of skills he previously obtained from his extremely successful run as Marketing VP of X.Radio.Biz.

Using his years of experience from the marketing and entertainment industries, Vincent organized think tanks, book clubs, led a cancer walk and developed an animated series—all behind bars.

Years later, still inspired by the sheer amount of talent he saw in prison, he founded ConCreates, a creative agency that crowdsources ideas from incarcerated and formerly-incarcerated men and women.

Today, he serves as the agency’s CEO, developing radical ideas for brands with his team of radical thinkers: the ConCreators. Now, the same skills that put his creative teams behind bars are helping them find careers, and become contributing, creative members of society.


Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Strategist

Janeya Griffin has always had a natural talent for recognizing latent potential. As the founder and CEO of The Commercializer, a consulting firm for entrepreneurs, Janeya uses that skill to help small businesses and the underserved monetize their developing ideas.

She puts that same talent to work as a Technology Transfer Specialist Contractor for NASA; assessing the potential of new tech and intellectual property, helping to bring them to the marketplace.

Janeya is not only an amazing businesswoman and strategist, but beyond that she has a passionate sense of social justice that was born from her personal experiences.

When Janeya was 16, both her parents were incarcerated, leaving her to temporarily care for her 6-year-old brother. After her mother’s release, Janeya learned how harmful society’s stigma toward felons could be as she watched her mother struggle to find a job. From then on she was filled with a purpose and declared that one day she’d make an impact on how the world views felons, giving them the second chance they deserve.

Today, she’s fulfilling that purpose as the Chief Innovation Strategist and Co-Founder of ConCreates, a creative agency that crowdsources ideas from incarcerated and formerly-incarcerated men and women across the country. Here, Janeya uses the same skills from years of experience at NASA and The Commercializer to help felons realize their potential and place them in fulfilling creative careers.